Michelle Smith
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This is a paid subscription. Please read below in full detail.


What's included in the monthly subscription?

As a Happiness Project member, once you pay for the subscription you'll receive...

· Daily inspiration, sobriety tools and support.

· Courses will be recovery-themed and include exercises that are self-study and paced.

· Access to Michelle inside the private group where I will be actively engaged and available to support you.

· A private group to grow and encourage community honoring confidentiality and privacy.

· Weekly articles, videos, Podcasts and book recommendations to spark conversation and foster friendships inside the community.

· Connection with other like minded women who have similar recovery goals. 

· Access to all materials inside the group so you can watch and read at anytime as many times as you'd like.

· Guest speakers will share their experiences, wisdom and recovery story.

· Evidence based recovery tools to add to your sobriety toolbox. 


The cost of the monthly membership is $47/month.

Why $47/month? I want you invested in your learning. This price point encourages active engagement and attracts women who are more vested.

I wanted to create something you’ll actually use and commit to doing the work. I want this program to be an integral part of your commitment to yourself, your recovery and to growing into the best version of yourself.

I’m asking you to invest in yourself and believe there is no better investment you can make.

The Happiness Project works out to about $1.50/day, which is less than a latte at Starbucks! The Happiness Project is like a monthly gym membership for your sober soul. You deserive it!




What will I have access to when I sign up?

Once you sign up for the Happiness Project, your membership begins and you'll be added to the secret Facebook community where you will receive access to the materials, the archives, our community group and Michelle’s full engagement to answer your questions and interact with you.

How long do I have access to The Happiness Project?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the archives and group across any and all devices as long as you are a current member.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime and you will not be charged for the month following your cancellation. You will have access to The Happiness Project archives and private community group until the end of the current billing cycle you are in. Billing occurs every 30 days from your sign-up date and will automatically deduct your monthly membership fee moving forward. I do not offer refunds however you may access your group membership access until the next billing cycle is processed.