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Tired of regretting last night?


You don’t have to feel this way anymore. All the frustration, shame and guilt you’ve been feeling doesn’t have to be a part of your life anymore. It can end today!

Late nights, harsh hangovers, a throbbing head, and a morning full of shame and regret sound familiar?

The voice inside keeps saying, “I’m never going to drink again,” and a week later you’re back at it.

Girl, I get it.

If you’re drinking became anything like mine you’d answer, “me too” to the following statements.


  • Somehow your glass of wine at night has turned into a bottle or two.

  • You’ve tried to moderate and put rules around your alcohol consumption.

  • You have anxiety and a great deal of stress and you drink to manage it.

  • You wake up mad at yourself, embarrassed and full of guilt and shame as a result of your drinking.

  • Blackouts seem to be a common occurrence.

  • You know you have a problem with drinking, but you don't know how to address it.

  • You fear your social life will end and you won't have fun anymore.



If alcohol is making you miserable, you’ve got two choices.


You can keep going the way you’re going.

  • Feeling fed up with the amount of power alcohol has on your life.

  • Spending hours thinking about drinking and dealing with alcohol withdrawals the next day.

  • Being dishonest to everyone that’s important to you.

Or you could do something totally different.

Introducing a 1:1 Coaching Program


For the women who are ready to take back control and find true joy in their life. You’ll have me as your mentor. A certified addictions and mental health counselor and has done the recovery work and can speak from their own experience.

I know what it feels like to be in your shoes. I have done the work myself and I have the education and training to support my program. My coaching style is simple. Together, we identify your blind spots and create a sustainable plan to live an alcohol-free life you’ll love. My goal as a coach is to walk along side of you and give you the tools you need to embrace a lifestyle without alcohol, but to also love it. So if you’re feeling stuck, but have the desire to stop drinking and willing to invest in yourself, let’s chat. 

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Still have questions? I'd love to answer them.  

You can also email me - recoveryisthenewblack@gmail.com - I'll get back to you right away!


Love and Testimonials


"When I started working with Michelle, I was an absolute mess. She helped me walk through the fears and perfectionism that was holding me back. I have gained so much clarity and confidence. I would definitely recommend working with Michelle. She's knowledgeable, professional and has such a kind heart."

- Jennifer Williams





"I got back from a trip to the Caribbean with all of my friends when I realized my soul had hit its rock bottom. I went thinking I wasn’t going to drink a lot and when I got there, I had the “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality. I came back and was in a state of chaos wondering how I got myself to desperately low place again. I started scrolling on instagram when I stumbled on Recovery is the New Black. From the moment Michelle and I spoke for my consultation, we clicked. Not only did I feel a connection, I also felt inspired & empowered, that for the first time since I was fourteen I could actually start to imagine a life of sobriety. Michelle assured me she would be with me throughout the journey and I completely believe it is because of her guidance and support that I am almost 9 months sober today! She gave me tools to that helped me rediscover who I am, made herself available in moments where I felt weak and celebrated milestones with me. It was the best 30th birthday gift to myself I could have ever given. If you are deciding if you should take the first step to sobriety with Michelle, stop second guessing it & do it.” 

- Lauren Johnson




“I reached out to Michelle after a weekend bender. My life was going nowhere fast. I lost sight of what truly mattered other than my booze. I was completely terrified of the person I’d become and very skeptical that I’d be successful in recovery. Michelle never gave up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself. I whole hardly recommend working with her if you get the chance. She’s absolutely worth the investment.”

-Karen Simmons




“I began following Michelle on Instagram about 7 moths ago. I immediately connected with her story. I'm a new mom and struggled to balance self-care and motherhood. AA wasn't a good fit for me. My husband gave me an ultimate to get help or he was leaving. The idea of loosing the only two people that mean the world to me was heartbreaking. I messaged Michelle and the rest is history. Thank you, Michelle!”